Think about the most luxurious fragrance money can buy. Immerse yourself in these pieces of art. The fragrance tells about you, describes who you are or who you want to become. A life companion.

The color and name of this collection are inspired by the beautiful gemstone, treasured for its lush green colour and brilliance: EMERALD. Our most exclusive and luxurious fragrance collection. Opulent creations with the rarest ingredients


Interpreted by ANTOINE LIE


The fragrance opens with a fresh and very natural topnote (pinkpepper Co2 extract Réunion), with green and aromatic accents (Clary Sage oil Grand Cru France – Saffron extract Grand Cru Cashmere India – Rosemary oil Morocco) that are paving the way for the addictive cuir & hay accord that will be at center of the stage.The hay (Hay ‘Crau’ ultrasound extract grand Cru France) develops warmand dusty feeling, with a tobaccoey sweetness, almost fermented, in a balance between the gourmand and the animalic territories.

A touch of Jasmine sambac India is found in the very heart of the fragrance.

In the drydown, the leathery accord is perfectly balanced with the opulent resinous combination of Benzoin resinoid Laos and Myrrh oil Somalia.


Head Notes: Pinkpepper Co2 extract Réunion, Clary Sage oil Grand Cru France, Saffron extract Grand Cru Cashmere India, Rosemary oil Morocco
Heart Notes: Hay ‘Crau’ ultrasound extract grand Cru France, Jasmine sambac India
Base Notes: Leathery accord, Benzoin resinoid Laos, Myrrh oil Somalia


Fragance Family: Dry Woods


Available in 100ml format.